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You'll not find brifters here. You'll find no titanium or carbon-fiber either. What you will find is snazzy old steel and friction shifters. And maybe the occasional indexed set, but only under protest and only if they can be set to friction. You'll also find 27" wheels which, contrary to popular belief, are not quite extinct. Old steel roadbikes are my big thing in life and though I don't have the most impressive collection as far as top-end stuff is concerned I like what I have and it keeps me entertained.

Philosophy? I've always had this idea that I'm more a caretaker than an owner, at least as far as items of historical importance are concerned. I can't possibly believe that I'll own my current collection of antiques for the rest of my life. Even if that were the case I know that they'll eventually be someone else's when I'm gone. So I can't justify destroying the originality of anything I own for the sake of my own personal taste. When's the last time you saw a custom-painted high-end vintage road bike go for more than the same with original paint? After all, if I want a RB-1 than I want a RB-1 - not somebody else's interpretation of what a RB-1 should be. This is not entirely feasible all the time in the case of really beat-up originals or bare frames that I have to build from scratch and I do tend to relax my standards where lower-end or unpopular items are concerned. But for the most part I try not to change much, and then only things that can be changed back by the succeeding caretaker. And I always keep and catalog the original parts that I change. Let the games begin.